Hair Color - PhotoArt of Glenn Steinle

Wardrobe for your hair


Navy is better than black with lighter complexions. Black is a stark contrast and tends to be too harsh; it tends to wash your complexion out. Navy will act as black without being harsh. Avoid harsh patterns because the contrast between your hair and skin is naturally low, a strong pattern can create your features to recede; shades of blue, green, peach and other earth tones works as well.


Jewel tones and other saturated shades works best. If you have a light complexion, avoid wearing beige and light pinks because they tend to blend with a lighter skin tone, rely on grey, black or stark white as your go to naturals.


Just like blonds, redheads should replace their black with navy blue, blue compliments red hair well. Other colors that work well are chocolate browns, reds, peachy oranges, blue-greens, camels, creams and of course green. Reds also give a great impact.


Try sticking to slate blue, grey, silver, seafoam green, lavender and taupe. These colors will not overpower the light hair. Red is the one exception to this. It’s a pure color and looks great with this hair color.


I love bold color hair, like purple and magenta. When picking out an outfit, stay away from complimentary colors for example; purple hair with a yellow shirt. This is the one time complimentary colors don’t work well with hair. Instead, purple and navy blue will work.