My creative process

When creating my work, I begin with an idea and some notes from what I envision the piece will look like and feeling I'm trying to covey. When planning out the idea, I figure out where should this concept take place? What shots do I need? Do I have the images and objects on hand?  Is there a figure in the piece, will I use a model, or will I draw what is needed? I look through my photos I've taken in the past to see if there is anything that can be used. If I cant find exactly what I'm looking for, I begin the scouting for what is needed.

I begin looking for locations that will work and begin photographing everything that is needed for the piece,  and store it in its own folder. Once I am satisfied it’s time for piecing all the photos together like a puzzle to complete the piece. My work created without the use of stock imagery and although this makes the process a lot more time consuming, sometimes months long.