About - PhotoArt of Glenn Steinle

"Turning your memories into images since 2008"

My name is Glenn Steinle. I am an artist and photographer based on Long Island, NY. I began working as an artist professionally in 1996; painting wall murals and designing logos and window displays for local businesses.

While attending college, I enrolled in a photography class to fill a gap between my painting classes. Learning the process of developing film and seeing the final print made me realize how much photography is an art. I began taking more photography classes and ended up with two concentrations (painting and photography) upon graduating in 2001.

In 2008 I discovered a passion for event photography after photographing a wedding for a friend. I have spent the last several years developing lighting, posing and technical skills specific to event photography. As a result, I have become skilled at photographing occasions using very little flash photography, which is not as distracting to guests and less disruptive during events.

My work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and galleries. I love what I do and consider myself lucky.

Behind the scenes