Glenn Steinle - Long Island, New York.

My interest in painting and photography began at an early age, and enrolled in the Huntington School of Fine Arts from 1994-1996, to study painting, life drawing and sculpture. While attending college from 1996-2001, I enrolled in a photography class to fill a gap between my painting classes. I’ve always enjoyed photography and wanted to learn the process of developing the film and printing. Seeing the final print made me realize how much photography is an art. I began taking more photography classes and experimenting by incorporating my paintings and photos as one.

When creating my work, I begin with an idea and some notes from what I envision the piece will look like and feeling I'm trying to convey. Usually by this point I know if the piece will be a digital painting or photo manipulation. I begin sketching out the idea and build upon it, making more notes along the way. After the sketch is completed, I begin searching the images and objects on hand in my archives. If there a figure in the piece; will I use a model, or will I use the drawing that was sketched out. I look through my photos I've taken in the past to see if there is anything that can be used. If I can’t find exactly what I'm looking for, I begin photographing everything that is needed for the piece, and add them into my archives. Once I am satisfied, it’s time for piecing everything together like a puzzle on the computer to complete the piece.

My work is influenced by artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Salvador Dali, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningha, and Richard Vaux.

In 2008 I discovered a passion for portrait and event photography after photographing a wedding for a friend. Being able to document someone’s special moments for a lifetime of memories can be very rewording. My photographic approach is to capture the true moments, with minimum direction on poses as possible. I want the moment to be as natural as can be. I’m not just photographing you; the background and light are just as important when creating that perfect feeling of the moment.

Behind the scenes